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Special Districts

A great deal of the District's success in achieving its goals and objectives can be attributed to the vision and planning of its dedicated staff. An additional factor is that the North Coast County Water District (NCCWD) is an independent special district .

Special districts are formed by local voters to provide public services that could not be supplied feasibly or cost-effectively by cities, counties, or other entities.

In 1944, the residents of Pacifica recognized the need to supplement their water sources via the San Francisco Hetch Hetchy water system. Ultimately, an election was held and the North Coast County Water District was born. More than 60 years later, the District continues to enjoy the advantages that only special district representation can provide:

  • Local Control: Special Districts are directly accountable and responsive to the public who elects directors to govern districts. Special Districts are created by local voters to meet specific local needs that they themselves have identified. It is the form of government closest to the people.
  • Costs are Directly Tied to Providing Service: Fees and rates for water are directly tied to the cost for providing that service rather than being funded to unrelated functions. Water district customers can have confidence knowing that their dollars are being used to maintain a good quality, reliable water supply.
  • Specific, Single Focus: Water agencies are highly efficient in carrying out their charge. Resources are focused in providing specific services rather than being spread among multiple functions.
  • Technical Expertise: Providing public health services, such as water, requires specific technical knowledge and experience. Highly skilled experts, who recognize the needs of their communities, are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the water districts.

The staff and Board of Directors of the North Coast County Water District welcome and value your comments and recommendations. This is YOUR water district, be involved!

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North Coast County Water District

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