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Today is the District's official moving date and unfortunately, the District's telephones are unavailable.
To reach the Customer Service Department please call our
emergency line at (650) 576-3788.

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Pay by Phone: 833-262-5908

How to Read Your Bill


Terms and definitions 

Account Number:
This number identifies the service address on the District's map.

Bi-Monthly Water Usage:
Provides the customer's past water usage for comparison and reference.

Service Period:
The date of the last meter reading to the date of the current meter reading.

Meter Reading From: ... To:
The reading in the "From" category is subtracted from the "To" category to equal the customer's current reading.

Units = CCF:
A CCF is one-hundred cubic feet. (One cubic foot is equal to 7.48 gallons) One-hundred cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons.

Current Charges:
Charges due as a result of water usage during this billing cycle.

Past Due Amount:
Charges due as a result of usage or miscellaneous charges from billing cycles previous to this statement.

Total Amount Due:
The total amount due is the amount currently due on the account.

Do Not Pay-Draft Pending:
If you see this text, your account is on auto-pay and the amount of your bill will be deducted from your credit card/checking account.

North Coast County Water District

North Coast County Water District
2400 Francisco Boulevard
Pacifica, CA 94044

PHONE: 650-355-3462



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