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To reach the Customer Service Department please call our
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Residential Recycled Water Fill Station 

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Mandatory Training and Procedures For First Time Users 

Before using the fill station for the first time, residents must do the following:

  • Watch the Residential Recycled Water Use Training Video (Available Online, Click Here to Begin)
  • Complete Questionnaire (Available Online after Video)
  • Sign the Residential Recycled Water Use Agreement (Available Online)
    Upon arrival at the District office, please submit completed paperwork to receive your User ID Card.

For questions, please call the office at (650) 355-3462.

Recycled Water Fill Station Hours of Operation*

CLOSED DURING CONSTRUCTION  - 11/2023     View Letter to Customers

Important Documents

Recycled Water Guidelines
Recycled Water Distribution Map

Transporting Recycled Water-Containers to Choose

Containers must have water-tight lids and must not leak. Check local hardware stores, as well as online sources, and the list below, to find a container that you will be comfortable moving and placing in your car. The minimum container size is two gallons. The maximum size is 100 gallons. There is no limit to the number of visits a customer makes in a day.

Remember, Each Gallon of Water Weighs 8.34 Pounds!

One gallon of water weighs 8.34lbs; 100 gallons weigh 834 pounds. Make sure to review your vehicle's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Overloading vehicles is unsafe and could cause a traffic accident. Also, please remember, when driving a heavily loaded vehicle, be sure to allow enough stopping distance.

Never Connect Recycled Water to Existing Irrigation

Tanks, pumps, hoses, and equipment that contain recycled water must not be connected to buried irrigation systems, even if those systems are disconnected from your drinking water system. This is a human health concern. We do not want you or your neighbors to end up drinking recycled water due to an illegal interconnection between the drinking water supply and recycled water supply. Any such connection violates the state’s drinking water regulations, the District Code, the Recycled Water Use Agreement you sign in order to use the fill station, and your city’s water code. Violators may be subject to fines and loss of fill station privileges. Please call us if you have questions about approved storage and the use of recycled water. (650) 355-3462.

Where Can You Buy Recycled Water Containers?

In response to customer questions regarding where containers suitable for recycled water pickup can be found, we've compiled a short list of retailers offering containers of various sizes. This is a sample representation; there may be other styles and sizes available at different price points through these or other retail outlets.

Before purchasing your container(s), remember water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. Do not exceed your vehicle's load capacity or your ability to move the container(s).

The North Coast County Water District does not endorse or warrant the vendors or products listed below.

Coleman 5-Gallon Jug with Water Carrier - Home Depot
Midwest Can Company 6-Gallon Blue Water Can 6700 -
35-Gallon Leg Style Storage Tank - 
100-Gallon Portable Utility Tank -

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