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"Water Served By Request Only"

In February 2008, the North Coast County Water District began taking steps to reduce the amount of water used in restaurants by introducing the “Water Served by Request Only” program. This water conservation program, designed specifically for restaurants, offers free laminated table tents for restaurants to place on their tables. The table tents explain to customers the restaurants’ interest in helping conserve water and that the restaurant will be serving water only upon request.

Why you should use one


Why water by request only? When restaurants automatically serve glasses of water to their guests, there’s a good chance that a different beverage will be ordered as well, and the glass of water will go to waste. When the table is cleared and the untouched glass of water is brought back to the kitchen, that glass will be washed either by hand or by dishwasher, which means even more water down the drain. In fact, depending on the cleaning method, as much as two gallons of water can be saved by this program, per glass! So please, support the North Coast County Water District and your local restaurants by helping conserve water in your home and out on the town.

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