Water Conservation & Rebates

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. Using less water protects our water supply for future generations.
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Rebate Programs

North Coast County Water District has many rebate programs to encourage our users to conserve water. Current rebates include our Toilet Rebate, Washing Machine Rebate and Lawn Be Gone!

Modified Emergency Drought Regulations 2016

In response to improved water supply conditions in much of California, the State Water Board modified emergency drought regulations on May 18, 2016. These latest adjustments change the State-required reduction mandates for water suppliers and extend water waste restrictions and other requirements through January 2017. Under the updated regulations, the State Water Board has adjusted water reduction targets to zero for agencies like the NCCWD that demonstrate sufficient water supplies to cover another three years of drought. 

Given, however, that our regional system reservoirs are not yet full and we don’t know how much rain next year will bring, we are still calling for a 10% voluntary system-wide reduction and adherence to all water waste restrictions. We commend our customers for responding so well to the drought and ask that everyone keep up their commitment to save water.